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None Slimline Ceramic Top Gloss White - Pictured (CT124) +$240.00 Olivia Ceramic Top Matte White (OMW1200) +$450.00 Olivia Ceramic Top Matte Black (OMB1200) +$450.00 Mont Blanc Rockplate Top Sintered Stone (RP124CA-UB) +$450.00 Empire Black Rockplate Top Sintered Stone (RP124EB-UB) +$450.00 Amani Grey Rockplate Top Sintered Stone (RP124G-UB) +$450.00 Pure White Top Sintered Stone (USNOW124) +$545.00 Speckle White Quartz Stone (UWSP124-20) +$545.00 Bianco Twirl Stone 20mm (ABT124) +$545.00

sg-newhide1 undermount-top-centre-basin-taphole above-counter-top

None Overflow Chrome (M38) +$20.00 Overflow Black (PA32OF-B) +$25.00 Overflow Brushed Gold (PPW32-2-BG) +$20.00 Overflow Gloss White (PA32OFGW) +$50.00 Universal Matte White (M43MW) +$50.00 Universal Brushed Gold (M43BG) +$50.00 Universal Brushed Nickel (M43BN) +$50.00 Universal Matte Black (M43MB) +$50.00 Universal Chrome (M43CH) +$50.00 No Waste $0.00

sg-newhide1 above-counter-top

None Amani Grey Rock Plate Sintered Stone 15mm (RP124G-130) +$375.00 Empire Black Rock Plate Sintered Stone 15mm (RP124EB-130) +$375.00 Above Counter Top Options:Mont Blanc Rock Plate Sintered Stone 15mm (RP124CA-130) +$375.00 Mont Blanc Rock Plate Sintered Stone 60mm (RP12460CA) +$475.00 Pietra Black Quartz Stone Top 20mm (STUD124P-130) +$495.00 Carrara Solid Surface Top 20mm (SST124CBCA) +$495.00 Calacata Quartz Stone Top 20mm (STUD124S-130) +$495.00 Calacata Quartz Stone Top 60mm (STUD12460S) +$595.00 Pure White Quartz Stone Top 20mm (STUD124PW) +$495.00 Blanc White Sintered Stone Top 20mm (ABW124) +$525.00

sg-newhide1 above-counter-top

None 10 o'clock $0.00 12 o'clock $0.00 2 o'clock $0.00 No Taphole $0.00

sg-newhide1 above-counter-top

None Kensington Gloss White 580mm Basin (OT5836/E-464) +$195.00 Kensington Matte White 580mm Basin (OT5836MW) +$265.00 Radius Matte White 355mm Basin (IS4088MW) +$215.00 Radius Gloss White 355mm Basin (IS4088) +$155.00 Archie Gloss White 415mm Basin (OT4136C) +$195.00 Radius Matte Black 355mm Basin (IS4088MB) +$220.00 Marlo Matte White 400mm Basin (N/A with 12 o'clock Taphole) (OT4000MW) +$245.00 Oxford Round Gloss White 395MM Basin (N/A with 12 o'clock Taphole) (OT3950) +$225.00 Radius Matte Carrara 355mm Basin (IS4088MCAR) +$230.00 No Basin $0.00

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